Lead Paint Removal

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Lead Paint Removal

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Lead Paint Removal-America Asbestos Solutions Inc


There was a time before the 70’s that all major paint brands carried harming lead. It was believed that it was harmless, and it was kept due to production matters. But as time progressed the industry realized how damaging it was once lead paint started to crack and chip throughout the years.

America Asbestos Solutions Inc is a qualified and licensed company ready to take in your lead paint removal and leave you with a safe environment. Protect yourself and others from lead exposure with the right lead paint removal today! We’ve been delivering superior lead paint removal for a long time now, so we guarantee you 100% quality finishes.

Safety comes first! During our work, we are careful not to stir dust or create any fumes from the removal of lead paint. America Asbestos Solutions Inc carries over 16 years of experience in the cleaning and removing of paint department. Contact us today and ask for your FREE estimate available upon request.






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