Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos Removal

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America Asbestos Solutions Inc is a licensed and insured company that guards for your well-being and those who live and share your property. We carry over 16 years of experience in the troubleshooting of asbestos removal. Start cleaning up your spaces for a cleaner air inhalation, remove all asbestos present inside your property.

Do you know what asbestos consists in? This type of fiber is essential to be removed from your properties due to its dangerous and hazardous properties. It is a group of minerals from natural origins that are expelled from construction and vehicle exhaust; it is normally used to contain and resists heating and corrosion.

If not removed it can cause serious damage to respiratory systems and if constantly exposed it is confirmed that it can develop cancer. Keeping up a safe environment whether it is during construction procedures or post construction living is important for your comfort and health. Let our team of professionals take care of it today!






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